Good = stability and consistency

When Malcolm McLean and Keith Tantlinger began developing the standardised steel shipping container in the 1950’s they faced a tough competitive environment. There were multiple ways of transporting goods, some ways worked well here, while others better there.

McLean and Tantlinger strived for standardisation in a market where everyone thought their way was best. Today’s customers face this same dilemma, the conundrum of choice.

With the launch of the standard shipping container a new set of parameters for ocean shipping were set. It was about getting the basics right; delivering a good performing, stable and consistent product that could be used by all.

Perhaps the customer is always right

Over the past three years, customers have recommended what Maersk Line needs to do to improve the customer experience with one consistent message standing out:

“Don’t try to be different. Just be good.”

You expect us to get the basics right, and with good reason. It’s a simple message from customers to the industry; you do your job so that we can do ours. It’s time we took a leaf from McLean’s book and created standards.

What’s in the Customer Charter?

The Customer Charter consists of eight performance aspirations covering the service interactions and operational execution Maersk Line provides all customers. Regardless if you ship 1 box or 1 million, sit in London or Lagos; the parameters stipulated in the Customer Charter apply to you.

The Customer Charter is a dynamic concept. As your business continues to evolve, our provision of an excellent customer experience will move with you. To do this we need to deliver on your expectations, first time, every time.

Who knows, these service levels may become the new industry standard.